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Nieuw xbmc torrent alternatief: PULSAR

HOW TO: Setup and Install Pulsar on XBMC/Kodi – An XBMCtorrent Alternative

There are a few options when it comes to streaming torrents on XBMC.
One being Stream, another being Pulsar. I’m here to show you how to install and setup a new torrent finding and streaming engine.

Pulsar is built on “providers” that are separate XBMC Plugins that are used to locate media (typically through website APIs). This serves as a huge benefit for being able to scrape many different sources, and allowing many outside contributors to create providers.
This also means if there is a change on one of the torrent sites, the whole plugin isn’t broken, that specific provider plugin will just need to be updated.
Looking for a HTPC to run this on? Take a look at the HomeMediaTech Budget HTPC Builds.
I give you a blueprint to building your own!
More information:
Pulsar is centered around media: it browses media from TheMovieDB and Trakt.TV.
And so, when you decide you want to watch a media (i.e. given an IMDB or TVDB Id), here’s what Pulsar does:
  • Enumerate the installed providers
  • Call each provider to find the media you want to watch (in parallel)
  • Each provider returns a list of BT links they found
  • Collects and de-duplicates all the links
  • Goes on the BitTorrent network to find out the number of seeds and peers in real time (i.e. not provided by the provider)
  • Finds out of which quality are the different links (thanks to their name)
  • Ranks the links by quality and availability (Pulsar privileges quality over availability, but it’s not dumb. However, you can get a full list to choose from manually it you want)
  • Sends the chosen link to the BitTorrent streaming engine (brand new, and completely rewritten)
All of this is done in less than 1 second.
Pulsar is around 95% Go, and thus, it’s fast. Very fast, actually.
The BitTorrent streaming engine was completely wrote from scratch, and is very resilient (or at least it’s designed to be).
It’s built on top of the brand new libtorrent 1.0 (which had special patches for the streaming case). So it’s very optimised, especially for low CPU machines.
I have yet to find a media that doesn’t play with the engine.
You can read more here
Note: This is still very much in beta, and might not work 100% on all systems.

Download Repo

The first thing we need to do is download a great unofficial repo that has Pulsar as well as a bunch of other providers.
Download the latest version

Rename the ZIP file to ‘repository.pulsarunofficial

Install Pulsar Add-on

Open up XBMC and go to System > Settings
Click on Add-ons 

Click Install From Zip File

Navigate to where you saved the Zip file (to your desktop perhaps) and click on it

The repository will now install

Don’t go anywhere from here, now click Get Add-ons

Click on Pulsar Unofficial Repo

Click Video Add-ons
Then click on Pulsar

Then click Install!
It will download, and then become Enabled
Check to confirm it has been enabled

Install Pulsar Providers (Pulsar Add-ons)

Now, click back and go to Program Add-Ons, we need to install our provider(s)
In this example, we will install the “YIFY2 Provider” Add-on by mancunianco

Confirm it has been enabled
Confirm it has been enabled

Note: You need to enable “Allow programs on other system to control XBMC”.
 Systems like Openelec require this!
Now, at this point you need to exit, and restart XBMC in order to start the Pulsar daemon. Please restart XBMC.
Once you have restarted XBMC, you need to go to Videos > Addons
Once you have restarted XBMC, you need to go to Videos > Add-ons

Click Pulsar
Click Pulsar

Now, for example click Popular Movies
Now, for example click Popular Movies

It may take a while to load, but when it does you can browse the media. Simple choose the file you would like to watch
It may take a while to load, but when it does you can browse the media. Simply choose the file you would like to watch
The file will start to buffer, and your media will begin shortly!
The file will start to buffer, and your media will begin shortly

From here you can then start to experiment with new providers.
In this example we only covered Movies, but you could install the EZTV provider plugin which would allow you to stream TV shows.
Hope this helped! Leave a comment below if you have any questions, comments, or need any help.
GEBRUIK OP EIGEN RISICO - deze add-on geeft een UPLOAD, uploaden is bij wet verboden.


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