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YouTube 5.0.1.installation failed oplossing / solution youtube 5.0.1 installation failed

  1. When i try to install addons (like Genesis, 1channel and Maintenance Tool) it either stucks at dl 0% or says " installation failed".
    So it seems i cant install any addons because theres something wrong with new youtube.plugin?
    I could download skins for example but cant dl any addons :/

    Any idea how I could fix this problem?

    Other problem is with my own X8-H: past 5 days my Genesis takes about 3minutes to get sources (before it was like 5sec). Its normal with browsing movies/series (artwork etc), but when i choose movie its so slow when finding sources (muchmovies, billionuploads, etc.). When it finally shows sources and I choose good one, movie runs smoothly.

    Thanks to everyone who could help me with these 2 problems :)

    dav0 New Member

  2. About first problem: I dont even need youtube addon, but I quess it comes with other addons automatically?

    smera Member

  3. Genesis is within XBMC repository lambda, so if you go to XBMC repos, you should install this repository and everything should be OK. As far as i know youtube has nothing to do with it. Genesis and other addons are experiencing from time to time difficulties and one should be patient. Next day everything usually returns to normal. This is from my experience.

    X6User New Member

  4. YouTube add-on is required by the xchub maintenance tool (and I think 1channel). The error happens because the recent add-on (v5.01) pushed to the repositories appears to be incorrect. To get around it you can go directly to Github for the xbmc youtube (bromix author), download the zip onto a usb stick and install that version (via xmbc install from zip menu option).

    Hope this helps, as it was the only solution for me, after multiple attempts and reading the add-on forums. Once youtube add-on is installed, you can then install xchub maintenance tool as normal

    dav0 New Member

  5. Thanks for replies.

    I think I can get around that youtube problem now, but I just dont understand my Genesis problem why it is so slow to get sources. Its been almost a week now, so it didnt "return to normal in next day". And my friend said that his Genesis has worked fine.
    I tried to uninstall Genesis addon and reinstall it from lambda, but the problem stays. Genesis did "remember" my configuration, so I think it didnt uninstall fully?
    Could this has something to do with "1.) Our dedicated OTA server for Amlogic-based products is under severe DDOS attack, we have deployed a new OTA service, with Amazon mirror servers worldwide;"? Thats from new 002 firmware topic. Im running 001 atm.
    I could always try fresh start for my XBMC, but I rather not cos´ I just got my Pride FC video library finished and it was alot of work.

    X6User New Member

  6. For Genesis add-on I suggest you also ask the question on the official site (or at least I think it is) which is tvaddons under the Genesis thread (hope mentioning other sites is allowed). Latest Genesis version is 3.2.3 released 19th Dec although a new on 3.3 seems to be have been released 3rd Jan 2015.

    Briefly reading through that forum, there appears to be issues with the website that sits behind the add-on, however I don't know if that is the same issue. The person supporting this add-on is on holiday.

    Eman New Member

  7. Today I got the same error " Installation failed". I guess it was an auto-update as I didn't install anything. I followed X6User's post above and all good. Worked well and easy to follow. Thank you.

    timboom009 New Member

  8. Hi I have same problem youtube 5.0.1- I don't really now how to fix easy way if someone know about this pls walcome!


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