woensdag 1 april 2015

Apple komt met eigen streaming dienst! (gerucht)

Is Apple launching a TV streaming service?

Apple TV

Apple could be creating Netflix-like TV streaming service

Apple could be having another bash at TV streaming, if the latest rumours coming out of Cupertino are to be believed.
According to Re/code, the company is in talks with TV programme makers to deliver pay-TV bundles through an entirely new streaming service intended to complement, rather than replace the likes of Sky, Virgin or BT. However, what it's likely to replace is Apple's existing streaming service, Apple TV.
Apple TV
The service, which seems like a cross between Netflix and bolt-on cable TV packages, will apparently provide the service "over the web", although it's not clear whether that will mean a browser-only service, or one that can also be delivered through a set-top-box similar to its existing device.
Apple hasn't been lucky in its attempts to crack the TV market before. Apple TV, while alive, isn't exactly a flagship product and has never managed to gain the traction Roku or, indeed, Chromecast have. However, this new direct deal with programme makers, rather than distributors, could help overcome that problem.
That's not to say it will face no competition, though, as Sony will be releasing Web TV, which will offer similar mini-bundles to Apple's service.
It's also unlikely we will see the service launch alongside the Apple Watch or iPhone 6s/7 - Apple has apparently only spoken to handful of studios about its plans and, even though there is seemingly a working demo version of the product, there's been no talk at all about pricing or availability.
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